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Life is good – the numbers prove it

Until recently, the only option for those who no longer needed or wanted life insurance was to lapse or surrender the policy for nothing or far less than the policy’s face value. In fact, insurance companies count on the fact that 80% of universal life policies never pay a claim*. Thanks to the pioneering efforts of the founder of Habersham Funding, LLC ("Habersham Funding"), policyholders now have more options to sell their life insurance policies for fair market value.

You see, Habersham Funding believes that policyholders deserve more for their life insurance policy. Habersham Funding has been an outspoken advocate for the position that policy owners deserve fair value rather than being forced to accept the alternative. This fresh perspective has enabled a generation of consumers to receive greater returns from their life insurance investment.

The difference is in your favor

A life settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy to a life settlement provider. Life settlements are an option for policyholders who determine that their current policy is underperforming or is no longer needed due to changes in the owner’s financial or other circumstances. With a life settlement, a policyholder can convert an unwanted life insurance policy into a lump sum settlement. The average settlement is approximately four times the cash surrender value.

Life settlements are not for everyone, though. Anyone considering a life settlement should first talk with his or her insurance, financial and legal advisors. Generally, candidates for life settlements are 65 years of age or older and have owned a policy for more than two years. Some settlements also may be available for people younger than 65 under certain circumstances. Habersham Funding can work with virtually every policy type including term, whole, universal, variable, joint survivorship, and group. Policies may be owned individually, or through corporation, foundation, trust, non-profit organization or business.

Now, you have options

With the advent of the secondary market for life insurance, qualifying policyholders now have more options than ever before. Gone are the days when policyholders had to settle for what their insurance company offered. Now, consumers can turn to life settlements instead. The benefits of a life settlement are significant:

  • Eliminate premiums on an unneeded or unaffordable life insurance policy
  • Generate more cash than if the policy were surrendered
  • Redirect funds from a dormant asset to better serve current financial goals
  • Provide cash for charitable causes, gifts, medical expenses or any other purpose
  • Use proceeds to purchase a more efficient, up-to-date model of life insurance.

Think you may qualify for a life settlement? Find out with our Settlement Forecast.

*Source: Bernstein Research Call, March 4, 2005, "Life Insurance Long View – Life Settlements Need Not Be Unsettling."