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Introducing Settlement Forecast

With Habersham Funding, LLC's new Settlement Forecast, policyholders and their advisors can quickly determine if a policy is a candidate for life settlement. With answers to the following questions, we can assess the feasibility of a life settlement case. If you prefer, you can call us directly to discuss your particular situation. Our case managers can help you identify if your policy qualifies as well as answer any additional questions you might have.

Please click on the correct answer for each question. When you have finished, click on the submit button below. In the case of a joint survivorship policy and both insureds are living, please answer the survey based on the healthiest insured.

1. The current age of the policyholder is
64 or younger
65 to 69
70 to 75
76 to 80
81 to 85
86 or older
2. The gender of the insured is
3. The current medical condition of the insured is

No discernable health concerns
Healthy senior
Minor Health concerns
Serious Health concerns
Very serious health problems
4. The type of policy is
Whole life
Term life
Universal life
Variable life
Survivorship (both living)
Survivorship (one deceased)
5. Is there a loan against the policy?
6. The policy's cash surrender value as a percentage of coverage is
30 percent or more
20 to 30 percent
10 to 20 percent
10 percent or less
7. The policy's annual premium as a percentage of coverage is

4 percent or more
3 to 4 percent
2 to 3 percent
1 to 2 percent

Click the Submit button to see your results and a printable version of your answers to this questionaire.